Intermap 5m elevation data

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NEXTMap® 5 Meter Resolution U.S. Digital Elevation Models

Digital Data Services, Inc., through our partnership with Intermap Technologies, is pleased to offer the NEXTMap® USA Digital Elevation Products. This 5 meter resolution product is delivered as either a Digital Terrain Model (DTM) or a Digital Surface Model (DSM). The data coverage includes all of the United States, excluding Alaska.


Digital surface model (DSM)– a first-reflective-surface model that contains elevations of natural terrain features in addition to vegetation and cultural features such as buildings and roads.


Digital terrain model (DTM)– a bare-earth model that contains elevations of natural terrain features such as barren ridge tops and river valleys. Elevations of vegetation and cultural features, such as buildings and roads, are digitally removed.


  • More accurate than USGS 10m DEMs.
  • Predominantly accurate to 1 vertical meter.
  • Void filled and hydro enforced.
  • Instant access via web services.