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Digital Topographic Maps

Digital Data Services, Inc. offers an extensive coverage of digital versions of topographic maps for the world. Topographic maps show contour lines, water features, man-made features, and other natural features. These digital topographic maps are great for GIS analysis, engineering, minerals and petroleum exploration, site planning, recreation, and marketing.




Digital United States Topographic Maps

Digital Data Services, Inc. provides the largest coverage of current and historic United States topographic maps in the private sector.


Digital United States Topographic Maps- USGS Maps

Digital Shaded Relief Topographic Maps- USGS Maps

Digital Bureau of Land Management Land Use & Mineral Maps



Vector Contour Maps

The ability to analyze and map out vector contour data is important in any industry that deals with spatial information. Vector contour data allows for easy analysis of terrain data for planning, project siting, infrastructure design, and geologic interpretation and analysis.

If you are looking for vector contour information, DDS, Inc. can provide a fully-editable, contour map of any area in the world. The resulting file contains "z-values" (elevation values) retained as continuous polylines, and the client may specify contour intervals.

  • Suitable for all CAD and GIS packages including Petra, GeoGraphix, and Esri
  • GIS data is attributed by elevation value and type (index, intermediate).
  • All "z-values" (elevation values) are retained in the polyline
  • For AutoCAD or .dxf files, the file is layered by major and minor contours and intermediate contours
  • All lines are continuous polylines (i.e., no broken lines)
  • For large areas, data is tiled and the resulting adjacent maps are edgematched 

Digital International Topographic Maps

DDS, Inc. has topographic map coverage of over 152 countries. Our maps are available in a variety of digital formats, scales, resolution, and projections and can be formatted for all GIS, CAD, and desktop publishing applications.




  • 250, 300 or 400 DPI (Dots per Inch)
  • 8 bit or 24 bit Color
  • Can be ordered with or without map collar information.
  • Available in any map projection.
International Topographic maps at

Digital United States Shaded Relief Topographic Maps- USGS


Our Digital Shaded Relief topographic maps are hill-shaded versions of our Digital United States Topographic Maps products. This product can be ordered either in Medium Resolution (250 DPI) or High Resolution (400 DPI).


The scanned image can include all map collar information, or may be ordered without the collar information (clipped to the neat line). All Digital Shaded Relief products are delivered georeferenced for GIS use, and the client may specify any map projection for delivery. Common map scales for the United States topographic maps are 1:24,000, 1:63,360 (Alaska), 1:100,000 and 1:250,000.