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How your datasets are designed and managed are the foundation of an effective GIS solution. To successfully complete varies greatly from business to business and industry to industry. Certain datasets may be singularly utilized by one division of your organization, while other datasets may need to accessed organization-wide. A poorly organized database schema can create confusion and add unnecessary time and expense to the simplest projects. DDS assists our clients with your database design and development. The team at DDS understands that even though there are many similarities of business within the same industry, there is rarely a one-size-fits-all solution. We work with our clients to develop solutions that manage their internal processes while adhering to industry standards. 

Every organization has incredible amounts of data. This data might vary greatly in its applications, but everything is connected in some way, shape, or form. Without a sound data model with accurate datasets tied to your industry, connecting the dots to plan your next move is very difficult, whereas with a well-organized data model, all the information your company needs to make the correct decisions is right at your fingertips.

DDS can develop a custom solution that will fit the needs of your organization and will manage your data in a manner that makes it understandable and accessible for all members of your team. Your new DDS constructed database will be easily accessed, fully editable, and customized for mobile or desktop applications so that any new data can easily be added to your existing database and any necessary information can be accessed within your organization. If you are struggling to find a cost efficient and effective way to manage your ever-growing datasets, let DDS develop a solution specifically for you.

Here at DDS, we are not only specialists at building data models from your existing database, but we also specialize in data acquisition. With 15 years of our own in-house data and our numerous strategic partnerships, the team at DDS can help your organization find and utilize valuable datasets that you need to round out your fully customized data model to maximize your business’s potential.


  • Custom GIS Databases
  • Devoted Partnership with Esri
  • Integrate into Existing Databases
  • Optimize the Productivity of Businesses
  • Implementation of Quick Editing and Analyzing Tools
  • Increase Productivity and Revenue
  • Integrate Large Amounts of Datasets
  • Create Customized Database Schematics
  • Present a Fully Integrated & Coherent GIS Data Model


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